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Birth; the moment where everything is neutral, no good or bad, no sins or deeds, happiness doesn’t exist at birth nor sadness, it is limbo for the newborn. Birth for the mother is probably the most unique experience filled with hope and excitement, but also one of the most substantial traumas for the body, mind and soul. Like for the newborn birth is limbo for the mother as well. We wanted to show excitement, happiness, hope, fear, darkness at the same time, we wanted to be idle and neutral. We wanted to show purity and a natural way of coming to life in form without waking sexual impulses. Music was one of the most important pieces of this film, Emmanuel Santarromana’s Opera was the perfect fit.

Client: Etorra GmbH Germany
Director: ​Kadir “Adi” Oztoksoy
Director of Photography: Murat Tuncel
Performance Artist: Buse Cetin